Southern Ocean Visit

On the 16th of October, the grade 3 students had an incursion where we learnt all about Marine life from the ‘Southern Ocean’ organisation.


It was a fantastic day, we got to see many different animals including some live ones in the Marine tank!


Take a look at our photos from the day…



Here is a little recount of our AMAZING Grade 3 camp experience, written by students from 3G:


Smiths Beach

Written by Kirana and Bailey

On the first day of camp all the grade 3 students walked down to Smiths Beach for a sandcastle competition. It took us 20 minutes to walk down to the beach.We found seashells all over the beach, and everyone had different designs for our sandcastles. Some people added a moat around their sandcastles, those ones took a lot longer than the normal sandcastles. Unfortunately, a lot of our sandcastles got stepped on but none of us gave up and some of them got washed away by the tide! Lozz and Liz brought us afternoon tea down to the beach. We got to eat a piece of fruit, a biscuit and some water.We all had a very fun time playing in the sand!

Pelican Feeding

Written by Sasha and Jacob D

On Wednesday the 5th of September, the grade 3 students jumped on the bus and set off on their first camp.  We made a quick stop at San Remo to eat our snack. After our snack we went to the playground to burn off some energy. Then we all walked down to see the pelican feeding. When we got down there we all stood behind a yellow rope. Some of us started to play with the sand. A few seconds later a lady came and talked and fed the pelicans. After a while we got our bags and got on the bus. We were going to Phillip Island.

Penguin Parade

Written by Ixchel and Emma

As the sun started to set, it was time for the grade 3’s to head to the penguin parade. When we got there the first thing we walked past was the penguin shop, they were selling big/small penguin toys all of the toys were so cute! We were a bit disappointed because it took 17 minutes before the penguins came out of the sea, the penguins were so cute! They were cuter than the penguin toys. As we walked along the board walk we had to look out for all the penguins walking to their little houses up in the grass area. They were very noisy as they were calling for their friends and family. When we started leaving it was so busy and complicated to leave. After we got back everyone was so tired so we ate dessert and went to bed.

Nature Spotto

Written by Olivia, Kayla and Ella

On the 2nd and 3rd day of camp we did nature Spotto, with Mrs Tomich. It was a very funny activity, Olivia dropped her sheet in the lake and clumsy Abigail dropped the map into the lake as well! Chloe and Jade had to rescue it from there canoe.We saw black swans, black ducks and purple swamp hens and some geese, herons. The geese had a lot of babies.


Written by Heath and Hamish

To get to the archery wall, we had to walk a very long way from the cabins. When we got there we saw two big targets. Each one had 4 colours on them, black, white, blue, red and yellow. If you hit the yellow one you got a BULLSEYE! We had to be very careful when doing archery and had to follow all the rules Craig told us to keep ourselves safe and all members of our group. We had to wear an arm strap to protect our arms from the string on the bow. We all had such a great time and some people even got a bullseye!!

Camp cooking

Written by Mia I and Wil

First we had to put the flour in. Next we poured in the milk. Third we cracked the egg and added it in. Finally we mixed it all together. Once we had mixed it all we poured it on to the BBQ and cooked it. Once it was cooked we got to eat them all! It was a bit hard flipping the pancake because it could brake but you didn’t have to flip your pancake if you don’t want to flip it. You could add honey, butter, jam and sugar some of us added honey and butter but you didn’t have to put in any toppings if you don’t want to. You could put just butter on, you can put just honey on or you could put just jam on. It was fun doing the pancakes and very YUMMY to eat.


Written by Bryden, Jensen & Ishaan

Jade, Fibbian and Liz joined us for canoeing. It was scary getting into the canoe and out of the canoe because the water kept on moving the canoe. Before we started canoeing we had to learn what to do when we were in the canoe. We learnt where to sit, how to paddle and how to turn from left to right. It was scary getting into the canoe for the first time, because it was very wobbly. The paddling was strange because to turn you had to paddle backwards while your partner paddled forwards. Canoeing was super fun because you had to paddle with a partner.


Written by Blake, Allana, and Annabella

On the 6th of September, we were at Phillip Island adventure camp.  At Phillip Island, there was an activity called ‘The Giant Swing’. How the giant swing works is: there are two groups. The first group is the ‘hauling’ group, they are responsible for pulling the person on the giant swing up to the top. The people that pulled the rope, actually pull the person up to the top! Then the second option is the person that was on the swing. They have two harnesses on and get clipped into the giant swing. Once they are clipped in they hang there until the hauling group are ready to PULL. That’s when the puling group does their job and hauls the person into the air and then the person has to pull the cord and they swing very high. Miss Garnish and Michael Scarlett helped all the groups get into their harnesses and took lots of pictures. Miss Garnish, Michael Scarlett and Mrs Pant all had a go!! In conclusion, the giant swing was SO much fun!!!


Written by Mia P and Jack

The circatron was very fun, there were lots of different rings that you could choose between to go round and around. We liked it because you could decide on the direction and speed you went in each time. Mrs Rawlings and the camp instructor Vivian helped us strap into the harnesses and then you had to hold onto the handles and lean forwards or backwards. It felt like you were flying or doing a handstand.


Lets play CHESS!

On Wednesday the 19th of September the Grade 3 and 4 students got to learn all about chess.

On Wednesday a man named Carl came to B.L.P.S to teach us how to play chess. Carl introduced us to the game and explained what each piece was and how we used them. He then gave us a quick quiz to figure out what country the Chess World Champion came from.

Whats the answer you ask??? ENGLAND.

Soon after Carl split 3S and 3G into groups of four and we began to play chess. It was a great experience because we learnt how to use the Pawns and Queens in the best way to win every time! Now we all want to play chess!!


Written by Jensen and Ixchel

Community Garden Planting

On the 18th of September 3G and 1K planted some new plants in the Community garden. With the help of Mrs McCrum and Miss Garnish the students planted a range of seedlings in the 3G/1K garden beds. 

It was so much fun! We saw some worms and caterpillars that were in the soil helping the plants grow. When we finished planting we also did a treasure hunt around the Community Garden. We found so many different plants and insects it was great!

Written by Bryden and Annabella

(Images from My Cute Graphics)



Term 3 has seen Book Week in full swing. We have had our whole school Dress Up Day and visiting Authors and Illustrators.



3G was lucky enough to see Ben Wood, Mark Carthew (Mr Carthew) AND Mark McBride over the past three weeks! It has been an amazing experience for all students, we have learnt lots and been inspired to write and draw using our imagination.

This is what Jensen and Allana had to say about Book Week, 2018:

“On the 13th of August, Ben Wood made a visit to our school. He talked to us about his illustrations and his new book ‘Real Pigeons fight crime’. Ben taught us how to draw pigeons and all sorts of things, by starting with basic shapes. We all then draw our own REAL PIGEONS!!

We would like to thank him for taking the time to talk to the Grade 3’s and 4’s about being an illustrator and showing us all his amazing work! THANKS BEN.”

“Mark Carthew, also known as Mr Carthew spoke to the grade 3 students in the second week of Book Week. He is a great teacher at the school and a great author. We read his book ‘The Gobbling Tree’ before our session with him. He has some great books and they are full of interesting stories and illustrations.”

“Mark McBride was AWESOME! He is an amazing illustrator and he came to OUR school, on the 28th of August. He taught the Grade 3 students how to draw amazing dragons and other cool creatures. He used cake paint to create a ‘happy’ blue/red dragon for us! What a great day.”


Chinese Exchange Students

In week 3 of term 3, 3G was very lucky to have 3 Chinese exchange students in our grade for the week.

Jensen, Ella and Jacob paired up with Leo, Cindy and Justin and showed them all around BLPS and what it is like to be a primary school student in Australia.

3G brushed up on their Mandarin skills to introduce themselves in Mandarin and practiced as much as they could to help make the three students feel welcome. It was a great experience for us all, we learnt about schools in China: class sizes, subjects, daily timetables and more.

On behalf of 3G we would like to thank Miss Mao and Ms Seow for all their help translating when we got a little stuck. They were a great support for us all. Also a BIG congratulations to Jensen, Ella and Jacob for being great role models for our Chinese students and to all of 3G for ensuring Leo, Cindy and Justin had the best time at BLPS. Well done everyone! 😀

Take a look at what they got up to…




Murrundindi Visit

In the first week of Term 3, the Grade 3 & 4 students had a visit from Murrrundindi. It was extremely insightful, and all students learnt about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and were able to ask him questions about his experiences. It was a great introduction to our Grade 3 unit of Inquiry: ‘Community and Remembrance’ and ‘Amazing Australia’.

Term 2 Recount

Term 2 was great!

3G did so many exciting things. We had Buddy Day with our Grade 1 buddies, we had Science lessons with the Fed Uni students AND we even had our big Inventions Expo in the last week of term. Take a look …


Buddy Day was to support the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, all students at BLPS were asked to wear purple in support of this foundation. 3G loved spending some time with their Grade 1 buddies, teaching them the buddy hand-shake and making Harmony bears.




Throughout term 2, the Grade 3 students were lucky enough to experience some Science lessons taught by Federation Uni students. We looked at changes of state, made things like pizza ovens, heat changing slime and so much more!
It was such an brilliant experience for everyone participating, and the level of engagement was exceptional. We can’t wait for our science lessons in term 3!



In the last week of term 2, the Grade 3 students participated in the Inventions Expo where all students were able to showcase their amazing inventions.  3G had visitors from so many grades, including our buddy grade 1K!

All of 3G had so much FUN showing off their brilliant work and we had plenty of “WOW” moments. It was so great to see so many students explaining and discussing their new inventions. I think we may even have a few inventors hiding out in 3G… Well done to EVERYONE in grade 3 on your amazing projects they truly were AMAZING!!

Our excursion to Bunjil Place

Recount written by Bailey and Olivia

On Wednesday the 2nd of May, 3G went on an excursion to Bunjil Place. First we hopped on the bus at school and after 10 minutes we were there. When we got there we broke into groups, the parent helpers were Liz, Suzanne, Miss Miller and Mrs Webber.

After we crossed the road we split into two groups, one group went to the ‘Tiny House’ and the other group went and learnt about recycling. We learnt that it isn’t good to waste space and why it is so important to recycle. We also should not put bad oil down the sink.

When we got to Bunjil place we felt very excited and knew it would be fun too. In group two we made recycling key-rings to promote recycling. We learnt all about what we can put in the recycling bin and what we can’t.

When it was all finished we got back on the bus and went back to school. What a great day!