Our excursion to Bunjil Place

Recount written by Bailey and Olivia

On Wednesday the 2nd of May, 3G went on an excursion to Bunjil Place. First we hopped on the bus at school and after 10 minutes we were there. When we got there we broke into groups, the parent helpers were Liz, Suzanne, Miss Miller and Mrs Webber.

After we crossed the road we split into two groups, one group went to the ‘Tiny House’ and the other group went and learnt about recycling. We learnt that it isn’t good to waste space and why it is so important to recycle. We also should not put bad oil down the sink.

When we got to Bunjil place we felt very excited and knew it would be fun too. In group two we made recycling key-rings to promote recycling. We learnt all about what we can put in the recycling bin and what we can’t.

When it was all finished we got back on the bus and went back to school. What a great day!



Term 2 is going by in a flash, have a look at what we have done so far. 



We have started Robotics lessons with Mr Kelly, we have learnt to make different circuits that include flashing lights and buzzers.


Learning Maps

We were lucky enough to have Brian come into our class and conduct a Learning Maps lesson with us. Discovering what makes us learn and what tools we use to enhance our learning.


Whats the time? 

We have been busy learning how to tell time on an analog clock, O’clock, half past, quarter past/to and five minute times. It has been lots of fun. We even made our own clocks!


We celebrated ANZAC day this year by creating a class banner made up of all individual wreaths.


This week we had our very FIRST science lesson with the Fed Uni students. They taught 3G all about ‘Heat’. There were so many different experiments and activities that the Uni students had planned. All the Grade 3’s had a fabulous time.

Here is what they had to say…

  • “We watched food dye drop into different water temperatures to see what happened – some became clear, but others went purple.”
  • “WOW! what an awesome first science lesson, it was fantastic. Group 3 did an slime experiment. When the slime got warm it changed colour!”
  • “On the 8th of May, the whole class had their first science lesson. We got to wear clothes like jackets, gloves, scarves and beanies to see which was the warmest. We then got to guess what temperature each of the bottles of water were.”
  • “I learnt that if you put food dye into hot water the colour will spread out but if you put it into cold water it takes a very long time.”
  • “Today I learnt about how ice melts faster in your hands than on the table.”
  • “I liked how we got to do different things, because I listened I got to wear the firefighter helmet.”
  • “I learnt what a hypothesis and an outcome were, it was so much FUN!!”




Reflection on Cross Country 2018 by Cooper & Ixchel

On the 26th of April we did cross country. It was very hard to complete, but we started and finished on the baseball field next to school. It started just after 9am and went all the way to snack, that is a LONG time! It was our first cross country, everyone was very excited.

Domonic came first in the boys 8/9 year old. Ava came first in the 8/9 year old girls. The boys 8/9 year old group was first, then girls 8/9 year old and then the 10 year old boy and then girls.

We did two laps of it all, a lot of people walked near the end. We think there was about 150 people at cross country, we had to run around two ovals. Everyone was tired, but everyone FINISHED!

Reflecting on Term 1

A reflection on Term 1 by Kirana & Annabella 



For STEM, 3G had to make the longest possible paper chain. Using only 1 A4 piece of paper! It was amazing to see how long some of the chains were. The longest chain was made by Bryden, Michael, Heath & Allana. It was over 1m long!! WOW












Athletics Day was one of the BEST days… we did lots of athletics including discuss, shot-put, 100m sprint, relay, high jump, vortex and hurdles.

The extraordinary teachers that supported us on the day were, Mr P, Mr K, Miss G, Mrs R and Mrs W. ‘THANKS FOR YOUR HELP”



Finally, we were in Grade 3 and we could go for JSC reps. We had to write a speech, stand up and read it to the class. Then we all voted for one boy and one girl who we thought would be the BEST reps for our class.

We were so excited because we were all going for the JSC reps. Our hearts were beating so fast because we were so excited to find out who were the JSC reps for 3G 2018. Drum roll…… they were Ella and Jacob. It was an awesome day.


Ella and Jacob – 3G’s JSC reps for 2018


Our first JSC dress up day was ‘recycle dress up’ where we had to make our outfit out of recycled materials. Everyone looked so good! It was so fun to see what everyone had created.

Chinese New Year

This year to celebrate the Chinese New Year 3G made their own hand held drums. It was a very engaging and exciting process. After painting the plates and colouring in the pictures it was time for the parade. The whole school got to dress up in traditional clothing or wear the colour red. All of the grade 3 students had a parade in the BER building, showing off our colourful creations to the other students.












The 8th of March was a day all of 3G were excitedly awaiting….  the day they got to meet their Grade 1 buddies.

Full of excitement and questions, 3G spent their lunch eating time meeting and getting to know their buddies.


“The day we met our buddies was fantastic! We ate lunch with them and also asked them lots of questions. It was interesting meeting our younger buddies for the first time.” – Kirana

The Grade 3’s are learning about how to be responsible role models to their younger buddies. Discussing how we act in class and also out in the school grounds.


Since meeting our Grade 1 buddies, 3G spent some time celebrating Easter with them. Exchanging Easter cards and hand made paper bookmarks and origami. The Grade 3’s loved making personalised cards and gifts for their buddies and it was lovely to see so many smiling faces.